About us


Like most tea lovers, we at Jarved take our tea very seriously. Unlike the mass produced teas, all our teas are 100% organic, fresh and authentic. We procure our tea straight from the gardens where they are produced, thereby eliminating any middlemen. We are committed to educating our customers about the origins and specifications of their tea. We believe in disclosing all the finer details of taste, aroma and appearance along with the brewing directions to our customers so they are able to truly enjoy their tea experience. 

Tea is all about reclaiming, refreshing and rejuvenating oneself. At Jarved, we hope that each of our customers find the tea of their liking and in this endeavor, we strive to update ourselves with a seasonally changing collection. Thus, we keep no stale tea with us and provide our customers with the Freshest harvest of the season. 

We go at great lengths to take on the three enemies of tea- Light, moisture and dust by ensuring top notch packaging of tea in an aluminium packet concealed in a tin jar. 

It is truly a luxury to enjoy tea in its authentic form and we at Jarved pride ourselves in being able to connect the tea drinkers to freshest, premium teas across the globe.